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Unwanted Facial Hair! Shhhhhh!

Unwanted Facial Hair! Shhhhhh!

It all starts with one black hair. Tweezing it is your first instinct. The only problem is unless you have precision tweezers and 1000x magnification mirror, the chances are you won’t pull out only one hair.

Now at the beginning tweezing seems like an easy fix. The evidence is gone and you can pretend that there was never a problem. However, 99% of the time, the hair will come back, and it’ll be even stronger. By tweezing out fine hairs around the dark hair, you have inadvertently created more dark hairs and your skin will become bumpy.

Thankfully, you have many solutions when it comes to facial hair. There is waxing, threading, IPL, laser and electrolysis. Waxing and threading are similar in a way as they both remove the growth monthly and encourage the hair to thin out.

IPL and laser are useful if the growth is dense and contained in one area. To perform these semi permanent treatments you need to shave the area first, and if the problem hair is spread out you are going to shave a lot of fine hair in the process and create more thick hair requiring treatment.

Electrolysis is still the only proven treatment to permanently kill the hair. The benefits of this treatment are that the hair only needs to be long enough to tweeze, you can have treatments as often as needed to control those annoying dark hairs without needing to tweeze or cut. The hair will initially grow back finer and lighter if it grows back at all.

The downside to this treatment is the necessity to be patient. It will not resolve the issue overnight and may need many treatments to permanently kill the hair. It can be harsh on the skin, and may even create some scaring if after care recommendations are not followed. It is also painful depending on your tolerance.

After 22 years in dealing with all sorts of facial hair from stubborn to fine, I have had great success by either using one or a combination of the treatments mentioned. The most important thing to do when spotting that dark hair is to put the tweezers down and step away from the mirror. I have had so many clients that started with one or two hairs. If they had come for treatment immediately the growth would be contained and the requirement for treatment would be minimal. By trying to manage the problem on their own, clients can encourage more and more hairs to grow and in some instances need hours of treatment to try and reverse the damage.

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Elyssium’s top ten make up tips

Elyssium’s top ten make up tips


1. You don’t have to stick to one foundation. Mix a couple to get the perfect tone to match your skin colour.


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2. Set your makeup with powder to last all night, especially if you have oily skin.


3. Always exfoliate and prime properly before putting on makeup for healthier skin.


4. Take your makeup off properly. NEVER USE FACE WIPES! They unbalance the pH levels of the skin, dehydrating it and even causing acne. Use a proper face cleanser and eye makeup remover.


5. Always blend your foundation well, don’t leave a line around your jaw.



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6. As your skin changes, your makeup should as well. Reassess your makeup routine every 3-5 years to find what suits you best.


makeup brush and powder isolated
7. Don’t use powder on dry skin as it settles into the lines on your face, instantly ageing you.


8. Throw out your makeup sponges! They soak up your foundation, wasting the product and retain bacteria, which can lead to acne. Brushes preserve your foundation better and are much more sanitary!


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9. Wash your brushes frequently. Try using a gentle shampoo and leave them to dry on paper towel. Don’t leave them sitting in water as it can dissolve the glue on the hairs of the brush.



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10. Smile more, Frown less!