Elyssium’s top ten make up tips

Elyssium’s top ten make up tips


1. You don’t have to stick to one foundation. Mix a couple to get the perfect tone to match your skin colour.


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2. Set your makeup with powder to last all night, especially if you have oily skin.


3. Always exfoliate and prime properly before putting on makeup for healthier skin.


4. Take your makeup off properly. NEVER USE FACE WIPES! They unbalance the pH levels of the skin, dehydrating it and even causing acne. Use a proper face cleanser and eye makeup remover.


5. Always blend your foundation well, don’t leave a line around your jaw.



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6. As your skin changes, your makeup should as well. Reassess your makeup routine every 3-5 years to find what suits you best.


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7. Don’t use powder on dry skin as it settles into the lines on your face, instantly ageing you.


8. Throw out your makeup sponges! They soak up your foundation, wasting the product and retain bacteria, which can lead to acne. Brushes preserve your foundation better and are much more sanitary!


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9. Wash your brushes frequently. Try using a gentle shampoo and leave them to dry on paper towel. Don’t leave them sitting in water as it can dissolve the glue on the hairs of the brush.



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10. Smile more, Frown less!



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