Environ skin care

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Elyssium uses a product range called Environ. Our philosophies align and their vision has always been to make the best skin care in the world, through well-researched, scientific skin care. Ever since Cleopatra took milk baths to preserve her beauty, it has been the quest of women to improve their skin and delay the effects of ageing. As we age, more intensive treatment is required to keep our skin in peak condition.  Daily treatment using Environ will help reduce and delay signs of ‘photo ageing’.

The product successfully combines Vitamins A and C to permit advanced penetration for significant results. The products are mostly free from fragrance, preservatives, colourants and animal extracts. Once you have been using the Environ Vitamin A product for a minimum of two weeks, the therapists at Elyssium are able to chemically peel your skin that is highly effective in removing dead skin cells to achieve better absorption of vitamins and create a healthy glowing skin.



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Elyssium is proud to be associated with internationally renowned, Thalgo which is formulated with a combination of marine algae and plant extracts.  Thalgo uses the healing powers of the sea to achieve results in all skin conditions.  The marine algae powder has been awarded a medical patent and is proven to have protecting, nourishing, rebalancing and anti wrinkle properties.


Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up

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Everything Jane Iredale develops is a true extension of skin care, ensuring you’re skin is as healthy as possible. Jane Iredale’s micronized mineral bases are concentrated pigment so a minimum amount gives unsurpassed coverage and becomes a foundation, powder and concealer all in one. This concentrated pigment also gives high sunscreen protection without the need for synthetic ingredients. It’s so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.

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