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At Elyssium we offer both mens’ and womens’ waxing to remove unwanted hair from the face and body.  We use a high quality olive oil-based wax that leaves the skin feeling smooth and less irritated than many other cheaper waxes.  For the more sensitive areas of the body, we use a strawberry wax containing titanium dioxide that helps soothe the skin and reduce redness on the face and ‘Brazilian’ bikini area.

Elyssium’s eyebrow shaping specialists have many years of experience and can help you create the ideal shaped and coloured brows.  Our tints for lashes and brows are a natural, low irritant vegetable-based product.

Full Leg (includes Bikini)  $70
Full Leg & G-String $73
Full Leg & Brazilian $110
Half Leg $45
Half Leg & Bikini $60
Half Leg & Brazilian $85
Bikini $34
G-String $45
Brazilian $72
Underarm $28
Full Arm $47
Half Arm $34
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow $48
Face $60
Lip $21
Chin $21
Eyebrow $30
Eyebrow & tint $49
Lip, Eyebrow, Eyebrow Tint,  Eyelash Tint $91
Sides $21
Men’s Ears $30
Men’s Chest $60
Men’s Back $55
Men’s Neck & Shoulders $36


Feather Touch Brows

Enhancing brows with fine hair strokes of colour deposited into the skin using specially formulated pigments to give a natural and semi-permanent result. Also referred to as microblading and cosmetic tattooing. Read More


30 days before avoid:

  • sun exposure
  • any use of retinol

5-7 days before avoid:

  • caffeine, green tea
  • alcohol
  • aspirin/ibuprofen
  • fish, krill and evening primrose oil
  • cinnamon and turmeric

On the day of appointment:

  • no exercise
  • limit water consumption

After care

After care for your cosmetic tattoo is 90% of the final result. The first 10-15 days after the procedure are the most crucial time of the healing process. Please read through the following after care instructions to ensure that we achieve the best results possible for you. If you experience swelling, it will subside over the next 24-28 hours. If your brows weep a clear fluid, don’t be alarmed as this is completely normal. Gently pat with a tissue to soak up the excess fluid.

What to expect after your tattooing appointment

The colour of your cosmetic tattoo will appear 2-3 times darker, thicker and more sharply defined immediately after the procedure due to the excess ink and dead skin drying up in the area. The results may blur and look ‘blockish’ during the healing period. Please do not panic, this is completely normal and a part of the healing process. You will not see the true colour of the tattoo until almost 4 weeks after your skin has healed. During the healing process the tattoo may get patchy as each stroke will heal at a difference pace. The area will start to scab, get flaky and very itchy (this is also normal). Do not touch or itch the tattoo as this will cause damage. The colour of your cosmetic tattoo with begin to lighten and soften after 10-14 days from your initial appointment. Some of the area may disappear and reappear after a few weeks as the skin heals.

What to avoid during the healing process

  • Do not participate in any activities that may cause your body temperature to increase, this includes exercise (no light walks, weight training, cardio, or even strenuous housework such as gardening or vacuuming). Why? The blood can rise under the skin causing you to sweat which may result in the tattoo pigment being pushed out of the skin causing it to heal patchy and unevenly, altering your final result.
  • No body and face laser treatments for 3-4 weeks. Why? The light from the laser attracts to your tattoo during its healing process due to the pigment darkening and this can cause damage to the final results.
  • Do not wet or steam your cosmetic tattoo and the surrounding area for 2-3 weeks. Why? This could be detrimental to the bonding process, which must take place for the pigment to become stabilised in the skin. Tip: if you do not have a detachable shower head, please take a lukewarm bath to wash your hair or see a hairdresser. However, do not get a blow-dry, get it gently dried off and straightened.
  • Do not use makeup or skincare over your cosmetic tattoo during the healing period. Why? The use of makeup and skincare on or around your tattoo can cause infection and damage to your healed results. We suggest you avoid wearing makeup on your forehead for best possible healed results.
  • Do not move or wiggle your brows. Why? If you repetitively move your brows for relief, the pigment will eventually come out. Tip: gently tap around the area to soothe.
  • For 2 days following the cosmetic tattooing strictly avoid:
    • alcohol
    • caffeine (including energy drinks and food products)
    • fish oil
    • pain relief medication (only parasol if necessary)
    • vitamin E
    • All of these can thin the blood which will affect the healing process

How and when to apply aftercare balm

  • Keep your tattoo protected with the aftercare balm provided to you on the day, application of the balm is instrumental to the final result of the procedure.
  • It is important to protect your tattoo with the aftercare cream until the flaking has completely healed. this stage varies for each individual but can take up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Using half a pea size, press the gal, gently on the area and lift your finger off the brow to avoid pulling flakes off. Only apply a thin shiny film across the area.
  • If you lose or run out of the aftercare balm, purchase ‘bepanthem antiseptic soothing cream.’

How to make your tattoo last

  • Protect your tattoo with sunblock after 4 weeks and onwards. Why? Sun exposure overtime including solariums, will cause the colour of your tattoo to fade and change. Tip: you can cover your tattoo with vaseline when swimming in sea salt or chlorinated water to extend the life of your tattoo.
  • Do not put any chemicals or active skin care products over your cosmetic tattoo. This includes any professional facial treatments such as face peels. Why? Chemicals, glycol acid and skin care with anti ageing ingredients of any kind may interfere with the healing process and the colour your cosmetic tattoo.

How long will your cosmetic tattoo last?

  • This varies between individuals due to skin type, genetics and environmental factors, as they all contribute to retention of pigment.
  • As a guide, it could last anywhere between 1-3 years before a refresher treatment is required to maintain your cosmetic tattoo. Once the colour starts change or fade, you will know that you are ready for your colour refresher.
  • It is important to remember that semip ermanent make up is a ‘low’ not a ‘no’ maintenance treatment.
  • Remember: This is a cosmetic procedure. Don’t judge your brows until they are compeletely healed (6 weeks post procedure).

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a form of light-based skin therapy. It is used to improve evenness of skin tone or colour, or as a form of semi-permanent hair removal. When used as a form of hair removal, IPL works by targeting the colour pigment (melanin) in the hairs. This means, however, that white hairs cannot be treated. Dark, coarse hairs on fair skin are most effectively treated and have the best results. Hairs can only be treated when they are actively growing, meaning several sessions are required for full, effective treatment.Read More

Before Care

  • Allow the hair to grow for 4-6 weeks immediately prior to the treatment.
  • It is advisable to shave in between treatments. Resist waxing or plucking for 4 weeks before, as it will interfere with results.
  • Do not use bleach or depilatory creams for at least 4 weeks before treatment.


Sessions Required

A course of 6-10 treatments usually needed, at 3-6 week intervals (fair hairs will require extra treatment). Talk to us about our special pre-purchase offers.

Who is it good for?

People with light, fair skin and dark, coarse hair.

After care

  • You may experience mild sunburn like sensations on the treated areas, which will subside within 24 hours. The use of a cool compress can be used to relieve discomfort.
  • It is important that you do not sun bake in between treatments.
  • Avoid hot showers, saunas, spas and exercise for 24 hours.
  • No electrolysis, waxing or plucking to be performed on the area for the duration of your treatments.

Note: Ejection is the process whereby treated, intact hair shafts are moved out and released from the base of the follicle. These hairs are not growing but simply ‘clearing out’ in the first 10 to 14 days.


Women: cost per session

Upper lip $30
Chin $44
Upper neck and chin $60
Sides of face $45
Underarm $45
Half arm $120
Full arm $180
Nipple area $50
Stomach $45
Bikini $80
Brazilian $120
Lower leg inc knee $200
Full leg $450

Men: cost per session

Neck $80
Chest $200
Stomach $120
Full Back $320
Shoulder $120
Half arm $180
Full arm $250
Full leg $540

The number of sessions required depends on skin and hair type.


Electrolysis is the only treatment that guarantees overall results versus any other hair removal treatment. Regardless of your hair or skin colour electrolysis can prove successful in removing and managing unwanted hair. All parts of the body can be treated with electrolysis. Unlike IPL, this process is effective on dark skin as well as fair, and is successful in removing white hairs. It works by removing individual hairs from the body or face using medical electrolysis devices, which terminate hair growth using heat energy. Electrolysis can cause some discomfort, which is relative to the client’s tolerance and area of treatment.Read More

Who is it good for?

Electrolysis doesn’t target hair pigment the way IPL does, rather it targets the follicle itself. This means people that aren’t good candidates for IPL can still have effective electrolysis treatment as it is perfect for those with darker skin or lighter hair. Highly recommended for stubborn chin/face hair, nipples, belly button/snail trail.

Before Care

Waxing or tweezing prior to treatment can misshape hair follicles and make it more difficult to destroy the follicle.
A consultation is important to discuss the area to be treated and to formulate a treatment plan based on individual needs.

After Care

After electrolysis your skin may be temporarily red, swollen and tender and there is a possibility of spots occurring.
Application of cold compresses is most effective in reducing further irritation and helping skin to recover.
Do not touch or scratch the area treated.
Do not wash or wear makeup on the treated area for 24 hours.
Avoid perfumes or alcohol based products that will dry the skin out.
Avoid excessive sweating directly after treatment.
Wear sunscreen to protect skin from UV rays.
Do not swim in a chlorinated pool for 48 hours after treatment.

Sessions Required

Number of sessions depends on the individual.
It is advisable to return each week or every other week as needed.
Five minutes per session depending on the individual and nature of hair.

Ouch Factor: treatment can be painful depending on pain tolerance, and most patients will need multiple treatments.

5 mins $44
10 mins $54
15 mins $66
20 mins $69
25 mins $77
30 mins $81
1 hour $150

Elyssium Classic Facials

Deep Cleansing Facial (1 hour)
Decongest blocked pores with thorough cleansing.
Relaxing Facial (1 hour)
Deep tissue massage is fantastic for relaxation and works on the facial muscles for anti-ageing.

Elyssium Treatment Facials

Environ Vitamin Facial (1 hour)
Enjoy the immediate results of a mini peel that helps the skin to look younger and healthier.
Environ Chemical Peel (1 ½ hours)
Deep peeling to remove dead skin cells and create healthy, glowing skin with an application of Vitamin A under an infusing mask to achieve fantastic anti-ageing results (must be done with Vitamin A at home preparation two weeks prior to treatment).
Thalgo Treatment Facials (1 ¼ hours)
Thorough skin analysis to design a facial tailored to your skin type. Fantastic results expected for those suffering from acne, sensitivity, dehydration and dryness.  This facial uses only the highest quality products, intensive serums and treatment creams for massage and infusing under professional masks.
Thalgo Treatment Facial Deluxe upgrade
(includes eyebrow shaping, cleansing and massage).
Exceptional Anti Age (1 ½ hours)
Noticeably reduces wrinkles utilising marine algae hormones restoring radiance with crushed sea pearls.  The ultimate facial treatment.

LED Light Therapy

This treatment is effective in repairing sun damage, reversing the signs of aging skin or clearing problem skin. LED light therapy produces softer, clearer, more youthful looking skin. It uses LED technology to promote collagen production in the skin and increase skin cell regeneration. The process can immediately result in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,age spots, sun damage, redness, flushing and dilated capillaries. It produces incredible results and is completely painless.Read More

Red Light

Excellent for those concerned with signs of aging and fine lines.

Green Light

Helps with skin discolouration as it targets melanocytes (melanin producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis). It will also prevent excess melanin and breaks up the melanin clusters. Green light also helps with healing damaged skin and combating redness/rosacea.

Blue Light

Works by killing the bacteria deep in the skin that is responsible for acne.

Who is it good for?

Patients with aged skin including wrinkles, or problem skin including acne, pigmentation or rosacea. Clinical results for LED skin treatment have been excellent with clients reporting overall lifting and hydration of the skin, improvement in skin tone and texture, evening out pigmentation, smoothing
of fine lines and wrinkles.

After care

There is no specific after care for LED light therapy, however basic ongoing skin care is important, such as applying sunscreen to prevent further skin damage from the sun. General, everyday skin care with application of vitamin A and C will work to maintain and improve on results.

Sessions Required

For best results a course of 10 treatments twice a week and followed by a regular treatment once every 4 – 6 weeks. Talk to us about our special pre-purchase offers.

LED Light Therapy $80
Add-on to any facial $40
Course of ten (prepaid – get one free) $720

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a form of light-based skin therapy. It is used to improve evenness of skin tone or colour, or as a form of permanent hair removal. IPL treatment uses a beam of many different wavelengths of light to break down the accumulated spots of melanin, reddened areas and the blood, which has leaked out of broken capillaries.Read More

How does it work?

Changes in the skin due to sun damage are called Dyschromias, which can include irregular brown and red discoloration, pigment and blood vessels. Using a safe, Square Intense Pulsed Light on a small area of the skin, these particular skin issues can be effectively corrected, working as a non-invasive, non-surgical face-lift.
The light is absorbed into targeted cells and causes safe damage to that area. This damage induces a wound-healing response where the skin begins to rapidly produce new skin cells to replace the old, damaged patches. IPL is extremely effective due to the high frequency and intensity of the light. The treatment requires a number of sessions, which are dependent on the individual and the nature of their skin.


  • Evens out skin tone and colour.
  • Brightens the skin and gives a youthful glow.
  • Improvement in the texture of the skin.

Who is it good for?

Anyone with light skin who has sun damage, broken capillaries or laxity in their skin.

Sessions Required

A course of 6 is recommended to achieve best results. Talk to us about out special pre-purchase offers.

Before Care

  • You cannot be treated if you have had UV exposure from the sun or sun bed in the past 4-6 weeks.
  • You must cover yourself well with clothing, hats and sunblock to prevent extra activity of the skin cells.
  • IPL cannot be performed for at least 2 weeks after a fake tan application.
  • Do not use bleach or depilatory creams for at least a week before treatment.

After Care

  • No sun exposure or UV exposure of sun beds.
  • Wear sun block to protect the skin from future sun damage.
  • Gentle cleansers and moisturizers are advised.
  • No depilatory, AHA, glycolic or salicylic creams.
  • No hot baths or showers – tepid water only.
  • No heat treatments e.g. sauna.
  • No swimming in chlorinated pools or spa baths.
  • No perfumes, highly perfumed soaps or lotions, or deodorant if underarms treated.
  • Do not rub scratch or peel the skin.


After treatment you will have a healthy glow, similar to that produced by a vigorous workout. Pigmented areas will turn brown after the treatment, and the body will then break down the melanin, which has been released. Recovery time up can be up to 3 weeks, dependent on the patient and area of body treated. For the face, recovery time is only 8-14 days. Temporary discoloration will occur for a few days after the procedure and will flake off slowly. Initially after treatment, it feels like sunburn and skin may become itchy, red or swollen, all of which can
be covered with make up directly after treatment. Overall, downtime for IPL is very minimal.

Manicures and Pedicures

A manicure or pedicure treatment at Elyssium is a blissful and satisfying experience and many of our clients say ‘the best in town’.

We use high quality products including German foot creams designed especially for the feet, and long lasting OPI polishes.

Sterile, disposable equipment is used to shape the nail, exfoliate, remove cuticles, massage and treat the area. And if your feet are in need of more serious attention, then our specially designed pedicure is for you.

Add a shellack treatment to any manicure or pedicure for only $20.

Express Manicure (20 min)
Includes nail shaping with a hand massage and nail polish.
Manicure (45 mins)
Includes nail shaping with particular attention to cuticles, hand massage and polish.
Manicure Shellack $79
Mini Mani Shellack $55
Shellack $25
Soak Off Shellack $19
Pedicure (1 hour)
Float out the door after having one of our pedicures. Include nail shaping, pushing back and trimming cuticles, buffing back any dead skin on the bottom of feet, intensive massage, and professional polish.

Tint & Make-up

If you’re in need of a new look or just eager to keep up with trends, a session with one of our experienced makeup specialists can be beneficial. You will learn how to apply your own make up at home, achieve a professional, fresh look plus a few tricks of the trade. This is also a perfect gift for young girls who are just experimenting with makeup for the first time.

Eyelash Lifting (1 hour) $90
Eyelash Tinting $33
Eyebrow Tinting $23
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting $46
Special Occasion Make-Up $75
Make-Up Lesson
Redeemable with make up purchases above $100

Eyelash extensions

Full set $150
Refill $100




This treatment is a fast trans-dermal delivery of active ingredients used to treat aesthetic skin conditions. Sonophoresis is used in conjunction with other treatments such as peels, facials and LED light therapy. It uses vibration to create channels between skin cells for serums to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, known as trans-dermal delivery. Many skin products have ingredients that are absorbed through the skin; Sonophoresis increases this absorption rate by up to 1000 times depending on the substance being penetrated into the skin.Read More

Who is it good for?

Sonophoresis facials can be customised to accommodate a range of skin types and conditions. It can treat those who have signs of aging, dehydrated skin, photo damage, pigmentation, poor skin texture and acne. It can also be successfully used on the neck and décolletage area, hands, arms, back and chest for all skin types including sensitive and rosacea skin.

Sessions Required

Dependent on the individual. Talk to us about our special pre-purchase offers.


Cosmetic Skin Needling

Skin needling presents a revolutionary approach by which normal collagen production is stimulated to smoothen the skin, regenerate tissue, improve acne scaring, help to thicken thin skin and treat fine lines and wrinkles, without causing permanent damage to the epidermis. Micro needling causes microscopic breaks in the blood vessels immediately below the surface layer of the skin. Blood platelets are then released which then in turn release a cascade of growth hormone factors, these promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Baby cells are created with no damage or memory.Read More

Before Care

It is essential for optimum results to prepare the
skin with Environ Vitamin A and C products. These products are available in a few different combinations depending on clients individual needs.

After Care

• Apply recommended Environ home care products. It is important that you follow the recommended home care routine to ensure best results
• Immediately after treatment skin will appear almost sun burnt and may be slightly swollen.
• Do not scratch or pick area
• Do not expose area to sun
• Wear sunscreen at all times
• Only wash face with warm water
• No sauna, spa or chlorinated pools for 24 hours
• No make up applied for 24 hours after needling

Who is it good for?

• Skin needling is good for anyone wanting to improve skin texture and firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Multiple treatments will also aid the reduction of shallow acne scars and trauma scars. Is also good for improving the appearance of stretch marks.


• A natural response is induced
• Healing period is minimal (redness for half a day)
• Procedure is cost effective
• Process is suitable to all skin types (including after laser resurfacing)
• No permanent damage is caused
• Safely repeated for maximum results
• No sun sensitivity induced
• All areas of the face, neck and body can be treated


• It is recommended for best results, to have 4 to 6 treatments at 1 to 2 week intervals.
• Talk to us about our special pre-purchase offers.

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