Electrolysis is the only treatment that guarantees overall results versus any other hair removal treatment. Regardless of your hair or skin colour electrolysis can prove successful in removing and managing unwanted hair. All parts of the body can be treated with electrolysis. Unlike IPL, this process is effective on dark skin as well as fair, and is successful in removing white hairs. It works by removing individual hairs from the body or face using medical electrolysis devices, which terminate hair growth using heat energy. Electrolysis can cause some discomfort, which is relative to the client’s tolerance and area of treatment.

Who is it good for?

Electrolysis doesn’t target hair pigment the way IPL does, rather it targets the follicle itself. This means people that aren’t good candidates for IPL can still have effective electrolysis treatment as it is perfect for those with darker skin or lighter hair. Highly recommended for stubborn chin/face hair, nipples, belly button/snail trail.

Before Care

Waxing or tweezing prior to treatment can misshape hair follicles and make it more difficult to destroy the follicle.
A consultation is important to discuss the area to be treated and to formulate a treatment plan based on individual needs.

After Care

After electrolysis your skin may be temporarily red, swollen and tender and there is a possibility of spots occurring.
Application of cold compresses is most effective in reducing further irritation and helping skin to recover.
Do not touch or scratch the area treated.
Do not wash or wear makeup on the treated area for 24 hours.
Avoid perfumes or alcohol based products that will dry the skin out.
Avoid excessive sweating directly after treatment.
Wear sunscreen to protect skin from UV rays.
Do not swim in a chlorinated pool for 48 hours after treatment.

Sessions Required

Number of sessions depends on the individual.
It is advisable to return each week or every other week as needed.
Five minutes per session depending on the individual and nature of hair.

Ouch Factor: treatment can be painful depending on pain tolerance, and most patients will need multiple treatments.

5 mins $47
10 mins $57
15 mins $72
20 mins $78
30 mins $85
1 hour $150