Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

For feathered brows, super fine hair strokes, also known as microblading, are used to create a super natural look to enhance brow shape. Ombre brows are created with a specialised cosmetic tattoo machine creating shading behind the natural shape of the brow to create definition.

New Client  (includes detailed consult and 6 week touch up) $700
Touch up within 6 months $150
Touch up within 12 months $200
Touch up within 2 years $350



 30 days before AVOID:
  • sun exposure
  • any use of retinol 

  5-7 days before AVOID:

  • caffeine, green tea
  • alcohol
  • aspirin/ibuprofen
  • fish, krill and evening primrose oil
  • cinnamon and turmeric

  On the day of appointment:

  •  no exercise
  • limit water consumption

After care

After care for your cosmetic tattoo is 90% of the final result. The first 10-15 days after the procedure are the most crucial time of the healing process. Please read through the following after care instructions to ensure that we achieve the best results possible for you. If you experience swelling, it will subside over the next 24-28 hours. If your brows weep a clear fluid, don’t be alarmed as this is completely normal. Gently pat with a tissue to soak up the excess fluid.

What to expect after your tattooing appointment

The colour of your cosmetic tattoo will appear 2-3 times darker, thicker and more sharply defined immediately after the procedure due to the excess ink and dead skin drying up in the area. The results may blur and look ‘blockish’ during the healing period. Please do not panic, this is completely normal and a part of the healing process. You will not see the true colour of the tattoo until almost 4 weeks after your skin has healed. During the healing process the tattoo may get patchy as each stroke will heal at a difference pace. The area will start to scab, get flaky and very itchy (this is also normal). Do not touch or itch the tattoo as this will cause damage. The colour of your cosmetic tattoo with begin to lighten and soften after 10-14 days from your initial appointment. Some of the area may disappear and reappear after a few weeks as the skin heals.

What to avoid during the healing process

  • Do not participate in any activities that may cause your body temperature to increase, this includes exercise (no light walks, weight training, cardio, or even strenuous housework such as gardening or vacuuming). Why? The blood can rise under the skin causing you to sweat which may result in the tattoo pigment being pushed out of the skin causing it to heal patchy and unevenly, altering your final result.
  • No body and face laser treatments for 3-4 weeks. Why? The light from the laser attracts to your tattoo during its healing process due to the pigment darkening and this can cause damage to the final results.
  • Do not wet or steam your cosmetic tattoo and the surrounding area for 2-3 weeks. Why? This could be detrimental to the bonding process, which must take place for the pigment to become stabilised in the skin. Tip: if you do not have a detachable shower head, please take a lukewarm bath to wash your hair or see a hairdresser. However, do not get a blow-dry, get it gently dried off and straightened.
  • Do not use makeup or skincare over your cosmetic tattoo during the healing period. Why? The use of makeup and skincare on or around your tattoo can cause infection and damage to your healed results. We suggest you avoid wearing makeup on your forehead for best possible healed results.
  • Do not move or wiggle your brows. Why? If you repetitively move your brows for relief, the pigment will eventually come out. Tip: gently tap around the area to soothe.
  • For 2 days following the cosmetic tattooing strictly avoid:
    • alcohol
    • caffeine (including energy drinks and food products)
    • fish oil
    • pain relief medication (only parasol if necessary)
    • vitamin E
    • All of these can thin the blood which will affect the healing process

How and when to apply aftercare balm

  • Keep your tattoo protected with the aftercare balm provided to you on the day, application of the balm is instrumental to the final result of the procedure.
  • It is important to protect your tattoo with the aftercare cream until the flaking has completely healed. this stage varies for each individual but can take up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Using half a pea size, press the gal, gently on the area and lift your finger off the brow to avoid pulling flakes off. Only apply a thin shiny film across the area.
  • If you lose or run out of the aftercare balm, purchase ‘bepanthem antiseptic soothing cream.’

How to make your tattoo last

  • Protect your tattoo with sunblock after 4 weeks and onwards. Why? Sun exposure overtime including solariums, will cause the colour of your tattoo to fade and change. Tip: you can cover your tattoo with vaseline when swimming in sea salt or chlorinated water to extend the life of your tattoo.
  • Do not put any chemicals or active skin care products over your cosmetic tattoo. This includes any professional facial treatments such as face peels. Why? Chemicals, glycol acid and skin care with anti ageing ingredients of any kind may interfere with the healing process and the colour your cosmetic tattoo.

How long will your cosmetic tattoo last?

  • This varies between individuals due to skin type, genetics and environmental factors, as they all contribute to retention of pigment.
  • As a guide, it could last anywhere between 1-3 years before a refresher treatment is required to maintain your cosmetic tattoo. Once the colour starts change or fade, you will know that you are ready for your colour refresher.
  • It is important to remember that semip ermanent make up is a ‘low’ not a ‘no’ maintenance treatment.
  • Remember: This is a cosmetic procedure. Don’t judge your brows until they are compeletely healed (6 weeks post procedure).[/expand]